System Requirements

OCLint can be compiled on all unix-like systems, theoretically. Latest macOS, FreeBSD, and major Linux distributions are tested and recommended.

LLVM System Requirements

OCLint is based on libTooling for parsing source code and generating Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) generation. Prior to compiling OCLint, we need to compile LLVM/Clang. Check out LLVM System Requirements for requirements. These requirements are very fundamental development tools that probably you already have them.

OCLint System Requirements

Some tools are emphasized here, you may want to double check and make sure the toolkit is ready when you need it.

  1. Apache Subversion
  2. Git
  3. CMake
  4. LTP GCOV Extension (lcov)
  5. OpenSSL (only for analytics-enabled build)

Extra Notes

Notes for macOS

Homebrew is highly recommended for macOS users. When we have homebrew installed, we can simply get all the dependencies by

brew install subversion git cmake lcov openssl

Notes for Ubuntu

All Ubuntu users should be able to get all the dependencies by apt-get, for example:

apt-get install subversion git cmake lcov libssl-dev

Notes for Fedora

We should be able to get all the dependencies by yum, for example:

yum install gcc-c++ make git subversion cmake lcov openssl-devel

Notes for Python 2.6

argparse module is required, and install it by

sudo easy_install argparse

The installation of argparse module can be checked by

python -c "import argparse; print argparse"