Preserve ConfigurationsΒΆ

OCLint can load configuration files (/etc/oclint, ~/.oclint and .oclint) and populates arguments from there.

There are three levels of configurations files-

System Configuration File
is saved into $(/path/to/bin/oclint)/../etc/oclint, when oclint main binary is installed into /bin/oclint for the most common case, then this is the regular /etc/oclint file. The configurations saved into this file change the behaviors of OCLint throughout the entire system.
User Configuration File
is preserved to ~/.oclint, which is under the home directory of the current user. User preferences can be saved into this file, and only scope the current user. Configurations in this file can override the existing ones in the system configuration file.
Project Configuration File
is usually placed at the root folder of the project, where oclint is usually invoked from. This file is scanned and configurations are only for the current project. Configurations in this file can override the ones in user configuration file, and in sequence, override the ones in system configuration file.

Arguments passing to the command line invocation would override the ones in the configuration file.

The acceptable configuration file is written in YAML format, with the following available options:

Option Type Mapping Command Option
rules List of strings -rule
disable-rules List of strings -disable-rule
rule-paths List of strings -R
rule-configurations List of associative arrays -rc
output String -o
report-type String -report-type
max-priority-1 Integer -max-priority-1
max-priority-2 Integer -max-priority-2
max-priority-3 Integer -max-priority-3
enable-global-analysis Boolean -enable-global-analysis
enable-clang-static-analyzer Boolean -enable-clang-static-analyzer

An example of a .oclint file might looks like this:

  - LongLine
  - /etc/rules
    value: 15
    value: 300
output: oclint.xml
report-type: xml
max-priority-1: 20
max-priority-2: 40
max-priority-3: 60
enable-clang-static-analyzer: false

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