Directions to Safe Use

We are drafting this document by following the suggestions from Andy Hunt’s proposal.

There are many many cool features that we can provide. At the same time, there are restrictions that we currently don’t have a solution but only workarounds. We, as contributors, would like to be honest about the flaws in our tool. We hope these directions to safe use could be beneficial for both OCLint users and contributors -

  • Users can save time by avoiding falling into the same issues that has already trapped other users for a long time but currently no solution due to the constraints by the tool itself
  • Contributors, on the other hand, can save efforts by avoiding spending time digging into different aspects but turn out to be the same issue. By saving the time, contributors can use the passion on experimenting new ideas, improving existing features, and fixing the true problems

Alright, let’s go with a few -

We hope you’ll enjoy OCLint, and can get benefits from using it. Look forward to your suggestions. Thank you.