Building OCLint

This page presents building OCLint in release mode.

System Requirements

  1. See LLVM System Requirements
  2. Python
  3. Git
  4. Apache Subversion
  5. CMake
  6. OpenSSL (only for analytics-enabled build)

Building OCLint

The whole build process can be done with the make script inside oclint-scripts folder.

  1. cd oclint-scripts
  2. ./make
  3. cd ..

Verifying the Build

By calling the binary


The following error message is expected:

oclint: Not enough positional command line arguments specified!
Must specify at least 1 positional arguments: See: ./oclint -help

It’s highly recommended to add the bin directory into system PATH.

See also

If you are looking for compiling and testing OCLint in debug mode for development and testing purposes, please move onto development section.