Installation of OCLint is pretty easy, please sure you already download the pkg installer.

Terminal Installation

sudo installer -pkg oclint-0.4.3.pkg -target /

GUI Installation

Double click the pkg installer to start the installation. Please agree the BSD license and grant permission to installer for writing OCLint to your system.

_images/1.png _images/2.png _images/3.png _images/4.png _images/5.png

For your interest, no matter you install OCLint via terminal or GUI, installer will write OCLint binary file to /usr/bin/oclint, and related libraries to /usr/lib/oclint.

After installation, you can invoke OCLint in terminal.

At this stage of development, OCLint is only pre-compiled for Mac OS X Lion/Snow Leopard users. For Linux users, please read how to compile to build OCLint.