Building OCLint

This page presents you a shortcut of building OCLint release version.


If you are looking for compiling and testing OCLint in debug mode for development purposes, please move onto development section.

Prepare LLVM/Clang

  1. Checkout LLVM/Clang
    • cd oclint-scripts
    • ./checkoutLLVMClang.sh
    • cd ..
  2. Build LLVM/Clang
    • cd oclint-scripts
    • ./buildClang.sh release
    • cd ..

Build OCLint

  1. cd oclint-scripts
  2. ./buildAll.sh
  3. cd ..

Verify Your Build

  1. cd build/oclint-release/bin
  2. ./oclint

You should get:

$ ./oclint
oclint: Not enough positional command line arguments specified!
Must specify at least 1 positional arguments: See: ./oclint -help

Now, let’s move onto installation.